Thursday, January 6, 2005

Life’s a Beach

I’ve been suitably admonished for taking a break in updating and would like to offer my sincerest apologies to my freaking SISTER, who doesn’t quite understand how stressful it is to have to keep updating whilst kicking back on the beach watching the kids cavort about on the sand and pods of dolphins doing the same off our beach.

It was cold yesterday; I actually needed a long sleeved shirt.  And right now, the sun is so blazing here on the beach that I am typing blind and am unable to correct typos.  Poor, poor pitiful me… :)
Honestly, I can’t be bothered to put thoughts to laptop; watching the kids running along the sand and skipping in the water; the birds and pelicans dipping into the sea; the sunlight dancing on the water; it consumes all of my attention.

There are camp dogs here - dogs who belong to everyone and no-one in the camp.  The kids are completely unfazed by them and seem to have totally lost their fear of dogs. They play with them on the beach; they chase them.

Ellen is very concerned about beach wear etiquette.  She puts on sandals, changes them for ballet shoes, then puts on socks and ballet shoes, then runs about in socks only, then attempts to remove all sand from the ballet shoes and the dance begins anew.  I don’t understand her qualms; everyone else is barefoot or in boots.  Sissy LOVES wearing her rainboots in the sand.

I am constantly cleaning up $1 bills in the trailer and the sand.  Tata and Papa gave each kid $100 in $1 bills as a Christmas present.  I am finding them all over the trailer (though jesse and pike have stored most of theirs in ziplock bags) and just picked four of them off the beach. What a terrible burden this is.  :)

Life just kind of flows here - a shrimp fisherman hit camp yesterday and I bought 2 kilos (I’m SO proud of my use of the metric system) for $25USD.  We had 1 kilo last night.  They were very large shrimp but apparently not the most gigantic ones.  We’ve just spent the last hour watching boats coming in from shrimping; the fisherman (shrimpermen?) clean up, the pelicans feast and they anchor the boat and wait for another.  Looks like fresh shrimp again tonight. 

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