Sunday, January 23, 2005

Drunks drunks and more drunks

It has been an odd morning.  Ellen woke, as usual, at 7:00.  Ever since giving up a nap (actually, yesterday she had one…) she goes to bed late (for not having a nap) and gets up UBER early.  She used to sleep til 8:30 or 9 but now gets up at 6:30 to 7.  I don’t understand it.  Anyway…she got up at 7; I nursed her for 30 minutes hoping that she might drop back into slumberland, but alas, she has, seemingly overnight, morphed into an early bird.  I usually do the dishes at night, but last night my intestines were in agony and I actually considered suicide, so a full sink awaited me in the morning.  About 1/2 way through dishes, Jamie folded up his bed and I had room to walk around.  We stayed inside the trailer (except for Jesse’s brief foray out to purchase empanadas from the vendedora) until 10:42 when Ellen escaped and headed for the beach.  We normally have breakfast on the beach (or at the minimum, coffee) and spend the morning out and about; come back for lunch and then out again. 

I wondered why we don’t feel so incredibly cramped in the trailer.  We’ve spent the last 10 years in a 1500sq-ft house and while there are those who would consider it a "small" house, it never felt small to us.  Everyone always had a private space they could call their own should need be.  We moved from that to my sister’s guesthouse (500sq-ft) when we were selling our house and this trailer can’t be more than 400sq-ft.  It is a 30ft long trailer and 11ft wide.  We do have a slide in the kitchen/living/dining room area, so it looks like we can add 60sq-ft (at most).  I would think that most people in the US would consider 400sq-ft to be a small space for a family of 6, but after 2 months of living in it, I’m not cramped.  Either we adapt especially well or do well in small spaces.  We do spend the majority of each day (before dark) outside, and the kids get LOTS of exercise (which limits the expression of pent up energy to a bare minimum) so I’m sure that helps.

We have an incredibly comfortable home.  A brand new (and first) microwave.  Jamie has wanted one for years, but I vetoed it.  It is incredibly handy for heating stuff up - no need to wash a pan (we have two pots; the big one and the little one) and no need to dirty an additional dish/pan.  We have a gigantic and enormous TV that I’d really like to trade  for a smaller and more lightweight one, but I couldn’t justify the expense of buying ANOTHER TV.  It sits there unused a good 90% of the time.  We used the bathtub last night for the first time.  The girls have ALWAYS enjoyed a good bath and we haven’t had once since Aunty Chris’s house (Christmas).  We cleaned out the laundry hamper (bathtub) and filled it up with warm, soapy water.  They had a blast. 

We are really getting sick of this trailer camp and but for Tata and Papa would not be here now.  The children are loathe to leave them and the living is easy here until nightfall.  The snowbirds fill up their mugs, top off their glasses and light a fire (or sit inside one of the gigantic Class A’s surrounding us).  They get progressively louder and drunker and more obnoxious.  They stay up until the wee hours, inciting dogs to bark and fight, screaming, laughing and partying.  It is quiet where Mom and Dad are, even though they are within stone’s throw; they are up against the beach and have dual pane windows.  :)   The oddest thing about these drunk snowbirds is their uncanny ability to party like it’s 1994 and still get up at dawn.  Jamie and I were comparing them to "highschoolers" but stopped, not wanting to give highschoolers a bad name. 

It might not be Mulege calling us so much as the drunkards driving us out.  Last night they were bragging about "flashing" people on the Malecon (main drive).  Ugh.  These folks are in their 50’s and 60’s.  Double ugh.

The adventures of Becky:
Yesterday we were coming back from town after having purchased some recuerdos for our friends.  Naturally this means purchasing crap for the kids too.  Ellen and Sissy decided on tiny little tequila bottles (fridge magnets).  On the way back, Jamie asked Ellen, "what would happen if Becky drank one of those bottles?" to which she replied, quite seriously, "she’d be one drunk little baby!".
And so continue the adventures of Becky and Catie…  :)

We somehow managed to curtail the drunks last night; no parties anywhere in the camp.  They were pissed about it this morning; like I MADE them stop partying… 

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