Thursday, January 20, 2005

One-Eyed Pirates

If Dad’s wireless were working, I’d be posting this live; sitting on the beach, watching the boys row their boat out.  It is very calm today; it actually sprinkled a bit this morning.  it is overcast, but on the Sea of Cortes (doesn’t that sound SO romantish and impressive?  "oh yes, dahling, we’re lying about on the Sea of Cortes") the sky goes forever and the sun streams through the spaces between the clouds and there are pink clouds (since the sun came up a while ago) and yellow and white and dark blue and aquamarine and deep blue and honestly, it is no mystery why we are still here, going on three weeks).  Oh golly.  Did I digress AGAIN?

Oh goodness!  I’ve managed to connect to Dad’s wireless, so I AM sitting on the beach; the girls playing in the sand at my feet; the boys rowing about the cove; surf lazily crashing on the shore; sky spottily overcast; can it get any better?  The boys are rowing about our cove (which really is a bay, not a cove) and we’ve got them on the 2-way radio.  Pikey is singing ""Don't Shake Hands with a One-Eyed Pirate" (by Gunnar Madsen) in the background of the radio.  Guess you had to be there…

A few days ago, a couple here at the campground picked up a tiny little puppy from the local Animal Rescue Center.  The center neuters and spays all the dogs they can find to try to slow the local dog overpopulation.  Pikey fell deeply and totally in love with the puppy.  All the kids loved the puppy, but Pikey fell hard.  He has been in a relentless complain to adopt a puppy just like it.  So far, we’re holding strong, but after seeing the kids playing with the puppy it was difficult to hold firm.  The puppy and its owners left today and Pike was heartbroken.  He found a little cloth that the puppy had used as a biting toy and he saved it, labeled it "Peso" (puppy’s name) and it is his only remembrance of the puppy (sniff sniff).

Just some photos of tonight’s sunset.  The girls were playing a weird "push you down and laugh your ass off" game so yes, these are also pictures of the girls pushing each other down onto the sand and laugh laugh laugh.  Pikey now has a compadre in his endeavor to obtain a puppy.  Mom, after reading the post below, has joined his complaint.  Updates to come…

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  1. "Chrissy" Says:
    January 20th, 2005 at 8:24 pm

    Well, if mom thinks she gets a vote, she might remember her veto of dad’s puppy bid!