Saturday, January 1, 2005

It only took us FIVE days to get to LA!!!

We awoke this morning to blazing sunshine; the first of our trip.  Sunlight streamed through my windows (Jamie likes to pull the shades everywhere else) but the real waker-upper was the LP alarm.  We exhausted our batteries, so to the rescue came the generator.  Jamie was in his glory; reminding me how shit-out-of-luck we’d be if we hadn’t purchased the amazing and wonderful, miracle generator.

No-one wants to leave today, but we know that PaPa and Tata are probably getting worried about us so today we head for El Centro and some way to get online and send them a massage.
I took a shower this morning after my lovely hike and while it sounds refreshing, a shower goes like this:  I get my stuff together after cleaning the entire trailer; putting all the teeny tiny Polly Pockets crap in its place and picking up around the campsite.  Then Sissy and Ellen clamor to come along and Jamie tries to dissuade them; never works.  We get THEIR stuff, my stuff and always forget at least one thing.  We finally get to the shower house and they find a shower that meets their high standards (though I’m never sure what their standards consist of as they seem to change with the wind).  I then run back and forth between their shower and my shower (because they have to have their own) adjusting the temperature.  Sounds relaxing, no? 

We are absolute HEDONISTS.  We were headed to a State Rec area on the Salton Sea, but all the hookup sites were full and Jamie and I spent last night worrying about the state of the batteries and he didn’t think he’d get any sleep tonight if we didn’t hook up.  We think that perhaps we need a couple more batteries…  So, we bypassed the Salton Sea and decided to try to find a motel in El Cajon.  Jamie started reading 3 of our 4 camping/RV guides and saw a hot springs north of Niland along the road we were on.  It was difficult finding it in the dark (due to non-lighted signs) and I was cursing all I could because I HATE pulling into a campsite in the dark, but it all melted away while I was staring at black sky punctuated with bright stars whilst floating in hot mineral springs.  We are absolute hedonists.  I can’t wait to see this place in the daylight.

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