Thursday, January 27, 2005

Grumpy in cold San Diego

I’m already tired of the cold and can’t wait to get to points south.  Jamie is in his element; surrounded by beautiful, alternately lush and pocketed with bolders, mountains, but it is COLD here!  In San Felipe we’d get some froggy mornings, but within an hour or so, it would have broken up and we’d be in shorts.  It is misty and rainy here and we used the heat last night.  We are terribly spoilt.  I’ll say this for the US; I LOVE the shoulders on the roads and the reflective bumps down the middle of the roads (dividing the lanes) and the white lines on the edges of the roads and the wide lanes, but mostly I really REALLY love the road shoulders!

We let the kids play for quite a while today at the campground and didn’t get out until 1:45pm.  They sure had a blast - it is so difficult to tear them away from play so we can get errands done.  I’m sure I could do it all in one day, but to keep the kids sane (and us, by default), we will take 3 days.  We headed into town to get Mike and Teri Church’s book and figured out why letting your fingers do the talking is always adviseable.  We hit one Barnes & Noble in La Mesa; they didn’t have the book but said that the San Diego one did.  They held it in San Diego and about an hour after getting there (when you take 4 kids into a bookstore, you can’t simply walk out that quickly) headed to the next Barnes & Noble.  Unfortunately there was a communication error and the 2nd B&N had reserved just the Baja book by the Church’s instead of all of Mexico and Baja.  I talked this (horrid, awful, terrible customer service) B&N into calling Borders and we headed out (after spending over $100 (with educators discount of 25%)) to Borders.  Just about on the freeway (which was standstill traffic with CHP’s and a firetruck driving up the shouder - a really bad sign when you’re getting on that freeway) and Sissy figured out she’d left her horse at B&N.  Back to B&N, got the damn horse and to avoid the freeway mess, decided on hotdogs at Costco.  Kids thought they’d died and gone to heaven. 

Crap!  YEAH!!!!  FINALLY, some 6 hours after starting out to get the Church’s book, we had it in our hot little hands.  We know the book is worth it; we used my folks copy when in San Felipe.  We also hit AAA and got books and maps, returned pants to Costco (used the money to get dinner) and got RV stuff.  So, other than not being able to enjoy the gorgeous area we’re in, it was a something day…

It is supposed to be sunny after tomorrow; Jamie is hoping to go for a ride tomorrow and I should be able to wrap up the last of the errands.  One of them is to get to the coffee house with free internet by TJ’s and post all this crap.  :)  Aunty Chris must be in crap withdrawal.  :)

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