Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Caliente baby!

Yesterday was our second or third day of heat.  Temperatures in the high 70’s and warm wind.  Something has been up with the kids; everyone is getting on each other’s last nerve.  Ellen has stopped napping and instead of going to bed one or two hours earlier (which is what all little children do when they stop taking naps - they crash hard an hour or two EARLIER than they used to) she has taken to going to bed at the same time and getting UP earlier.  Something is fuzzy in that little haid of hers.  As you might imagine, getting LESS sleep after giving up a nap is not working well for her little brain and the days are getting longer and less enjoyable.  So, yesterday we decided to zone her in the car, when, at 10am, she was already cranky as they come.  Why doesn’t she simply sleep on our journey to Ensenada today, you might ask?  That would be a very good question. 

We are waiting for Jamie’s fleece and Sissy’s helmet which were left at my sister’s (who graciously sent them to us).  I wonder if there is a Mexican aduana (customs) riding a bike in Jamie’s fleece and Sissy’s helmet…  So, off we headed to Puerticitos (110+km) (which, honestly, I never imagined we’d make - it is a baaaadddd dirt road) and getting some travel itchies out.  We made 67km in only 2 hours and since dark was coming in two more, decided to turn about and head home.  It was nice to get out.  I don’t know if you can see the signage on the sign; it states a speed limit of 25kph.  I couldn’t imagine WHY you’d need this notice; it is difficult to make it up to 25kph on this part of road.  It is REALLY bad.  :)   Coming back into the sunset and golden sunlight, I kept hoping for a photo of the cactus against the shadows in the hills with the deep blue sea behind them.  I settled for 4 cranky kids and a cactus still in light.  Jesse and Pike’s highlight of the trip was throwing glass bottles (found roadside - remember the desert is your private dump!) and shattering them after I cajoled everyone into a picture.

Today we hung out on the beach, trying to catch a breeze to cool us down.  I really should title all my posts "yet another reason to hate me".  Complaining about the heat.  Sheesh!  You’ll never guess why we’re still not enroute to Ensenada.  The aduana must REALLY be liking Jamie’s fleece…  :)

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