Sunday, January 16, 2005


We had guests for dinner tonight AND we’ve officially joined the ranks of "trailer trash" (for the umpteenth time, I would guess).  Ellen is walking around in a t-shirt (bare-assed) clutching an orange "Fanta" (do they come in any flavor other than orange?).  It would only be better if we’d put a nipple on the top of the Fanta bottle…  We headed into town to buy some meat.  Sounds easy enough.  Half way to getting lost, Ellen broke down for the 3rd time (each time we go for a walk, at numerous points during the "walk", Ellen will break down; assert she can’t walk because her cheek/nose/elbow/etc. is hurt and melt into a sobbing mess in the middle of the street.  Strange how the meltdown must occur in the middle of the street.  Anyhew, soon after the third meltdown, she fell asleep in my arms.  The wind was BLOWING and it was about 1000 degrees Farenheit.  Thank goodness for the wind. 

We couldn’t find the asado place (sort of like a BBQ) and I sent Jamie back to the campground to get directions from mom and dad and the car.  Home again home again with grilled meat and we put to eating.  Our door was open with just the screen door closed and I noticed a pair of eyes staring at me from the other side of the screen door.  On my next pass by the door, those eyes had been joined by another pair.  By the time dinner was in full swing, we had 5 dogs, patiently sitting outside the door; no barking, no elbowing for room; simply sitting and waiting for their portion.  The kids didn’t disappoint.  The kids had so much fun feeding the doggies that it is entirely possible that the dogs ate more than the kids (even though they were only supposed to be giving them the "fat" parts).

The boys are dying to stay another week, but Jamie and I are getting antsy; I’d like more quiet and nature and feel a desire to see more of Baja than San Felipe.  I think Pike would be more than happy to spend the next month here.  I’m hoping to convice them to leave Tuesday, but we’ll see.  What is oh so very strange about this intense desire to root here in San Felipe is the fact that for the past few days the boys have spent the majority of each day sequestered in their bunkroom, playing audio tapes (THANKS Chrissy for Eragon; though I must hesitantly admit that I’m beginning to tire of hearing it for the 3246th time) and playing legos.  What, specifically, I wonder, are they loving in San Felipe that they loathe to leave?

Everyone seems to be sated; it only took 2 kilos of meat to do it.  (sheepish font)  Yes, the kids (minus Jesse, who seems to have the dreaded "Tata’s disease") and we ate TWO KILOS of meat.  We were supposed to bring some back for Tata and Papa, but I’m not sure that between the kids and the dogs, any will be left.

Papa and Tata took us out for dinner last night, helping us to bring our budget back into some semblance of order.  When we left the US, we were $1327 over budget; after two weeks here in San Felipe, we’ve cut that to only $594.  For that reason alone, I’m tempted to stay another week.  :)   The kids are really going to miss Tata and Papa which is yet another reason I’m tempted to stay.  I keep trying to convince them that the beaches will be warmer and new adventures await just down the road.  We hope to leave here Tuesday or Wednesday and go up to San Diego for some errands then down to Ensenada; San Quintin; Mulege (and parts between San Quintin and Mulege) and eventually La Paz.  Or not.  We might only go as far as Santa Rosalia and take the ferry to the mainland. 

Pictures tonight are of sunset at the bridge.  You know.  The bridge on the other side of the lighthouse.  You know.  The lighthouse by the shrine to La Virgin or Lady of Guadalupe or someone.  You know.

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