Friday, December 31, 2004

Desert hounds

finally got to use the windbraker I bought in Neenah.  In Wisconsin, I got back in the habit of walking daily and towards what ended up being the end of our stay (though I didn’t know it at the time) I hit St. Vinny’s for a windbraker as the wind was simply ignoring the sweatshirt and short sleeved shirt I was wearing and chilled me to the bone.  Some Californians think that they can wear California attire in snow and have to learn the hard way.  I had a beautiful walk this morning in the desert hills around Calico.  This is apparently an OHV park and they left lots of nice trails to hike.  The boys are having such an incredible time riding (bikes) the trails that we’ve decided to stay another night so they can enjoy the desert rocks, hills, trails and ghost town.  

I wrote this entire update in my head this morning during my walk but unfortunately, it blew away in the wind.  I can’t remember a word.

It is absolutely gorgeous here in the desert.  There is so much greenery (for the desert) that some of the mountains are green.  Surrounding our campsite we have "green mountain" and "red mountains".  They probably have names, but that’s what I call them.  Today dawned partly cloudy and while I had a glorious walk in the mountains, by the time Jamie was ready to ride it was blowing cold wind and raining.

 The kids and I headed for the ghost town and stayed away from the tourist area til the end.  We wanted to get some gifts; Jesse got a mood ring; Pike amethyst crystal and polished stone and the girls got "jewels" ("probably colored plastic", mused Pike).  We drove into Barstow and got firewood and the boys were in their glory with A REAL FIRE!!!  They’ve been wanting a fire for weeks, but it has been too rainy.  Here in the desert there is no downed wood, so we bought ours. 

 Everyone is having so much fun walking the hills, riding in the desert and playing in the sand that we decided to spend another night.  We were worried it would be crowded, but here in our isolated hilltop we only got 2 other guests.  No hookups tends to keep everyone away. 

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