Monday, February 14, 2005

Attn: Flat Earth Society

We have absolutely fallen off the edge of the earth.  Plunk.  I can’t begin to figure out why we have been graced with continual luck and opportunities and why so very many others do not.  Why should we be the ones camped on the beach while others work at meaningless jobs simply to try to pay the rent?  I wonder if we had horrible karma in previous lives or if our karmic payment will be in the next.  At any rate, we’ve fallen off the edge of the earth and are loving the ride.

When we first thought about traveling to Mexico (BEFORE starting our journey to find a new home, natch) THIS is what I envisioned.  Kicked back on white sand beaches, tropically green waters at our feet and children cavorting in the surf, dinners of fish we purchased directly from the fishermen and clear warm nights full of lazy lov(oops, sorry, Drew)…

We’ve begun a habit of everyone piling into one bed (either jamie’s or mine) and talking about life before traveling.  We reminisce about the kids as babies, or their earliest memories or something they’re interested in.  Finally everyone has had enough or Ellen starts crying or someone gets mad, and we all get up and start breakfast.  It is always quite lovely and I really enjoy it (even knowing it never ends as tranquil as it began).

Jesse and Pike snorkeled yesterday; they saw octopus and lots of fish.  The bay is very shallow and once Jesse conquered his fear of stepping on a stingray, he enjoyed looking at fish.  I so wish I had taped his description; he was so full of energy and excitement and vivid description.  They swam/walked very far out into the bay and Jamie spent hours out there picking up clams.  These clams look a little bit different from the clams we dug at San Felipe and Guerrero Negro; we’ll see if they taste differently tonight.  Jesse said something sweet last night; something (again, I pine for a magical tape recorder) about this being such an incredible time, that the traveling and dolphins have been an amazing experience.  Perhaps, if I can drag him away from the beach, I’ll be able to type his words.

On the food front; the boys helped make meat empanadas yesterday and Ellen helped make pumpkin ones this morning.  Jesse LOVES the pumpkin ones (sweet, natch) and everyone else likes the meat ones.  I bake them instead of deep fry them.

And that’s the news from la Bahia de Concepcion en la playa Requeson, where all the children are sunkissed and the sun has decided to stay.

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