Monday, February 14, 2005

Mindless Babel

Today I did errands.  I got on the Internet and downloaded about 1000 emails and found out that SALLY is found!  Sissy apparently left her baby at the Trek Superstore in La Mesa, and Matt, the general manager has been graciously letting her live in his office.  Sissy is not one ever overcome with happy emotion (though she is easy to dissolve into tears if one of her brothers muses that a donkey "stinks" or a horse is "ugly") and it wasn’t until I heard her playing later, and involving the once-missing-but-now-found Sally in her play, that I knew she was overjoyed that Sally would be with her soon.  It seems that Stouter enjoyed the same experience; once Ellen knew that Stouter had been found, she once again joined the baby family of play.

I went grocery shopping (onions, avocado, flour, apples (a first!), mandarins, cilantro, I kid you not, but 50 flour tortillas and 24 corn, potatoes, cinnamon), got on the Internet (got email, posted at RV.NET, answered a couple emails (I always download first then try to answer on the web - I’ve GOT to remember to do this in the reverse), emailed an RV place in San Jose del Cabo about parts, researched prices on the Charge Wizard, posted to the journal), tried to find an open electrical store (for a voltmeter, but HUZZAH! jamie soldered the one he broke and now we have no need of a new one!!!), and looked for a baking pan.  This all took about 2 hours.  While I was on the Internet, Jamie and the kids lunched at our favorite taqueria (the one with the Sangria that Ellen LOVES).

When we got back to camp, I was reading email and Jesse asked to read the website.  All too quickly the battery died, but he read enough to get the gist of the site.  Soon thereafter he burst back into the trailer with a gem for today’s post.  Jamie was gutting some fish (from the fishermen) out on the beach and jesse had popped back into the trailer to get a bowl so he could dissect the fish head he was awaiting.  Here, in Jesse’s words, is a bit from today.  "We went outside and then Dad was just about to cut off one of the heads and then he stopped and said, ‘we have to scale it first’ and Dad scaled most of the fish and then he cut off the head and I said, ‘whose is that?’ and Pike said, ‘we’ll see’ and then I started back to the trailer and Pike yelled back at me, ‘but the biggest head is MINE’."  Jesse found this very funny and wanted to share it with you all.  :) 

We enjoyed a spectacular sunset tonight; this is Jamie cleaning the fish, fishermen returning from setting nets and a seagull waiting for Jamie’s fish’s guts.

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