Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Happy Happy Wednesday

Tonight we dine on scallops fried in butter and copious amounts of garlic and refried (I simply make the beans and then smash them in the pan, adding a little of the broth and some olive oil or butter) pinto beans with Mexican scallions (more like miniature garlic than onions), cilantro, queso fresco (kind of like farmer’s cheese, purchased freshly made) and garlic.  This being "happy happy Wednesday", the kids are eating white bread.  Long ago, when we found that Jesse would eat candy all day long and his mood and actions deteriorate into a downward spiraling mess, we decided that unlimited access to candy wouldn’t work.  Pike, though he didn’t suffer the same fate as Jesse, decided to side with his brother and abide by the limit of one day a week for candy, and 3 pieces of candy on that date.  Thus was born, "happy happy Wednesday". 

Today, instead of candy, the boys decided to make a foray into white bread.  "Bimbo" is a large manufactured bread maker and we see "Bimbo" trucks occasionally in town.  The boys have a small collection of miniature Bimbo trucks they’ve talked locals out of.  Today they decided to spend their pesos on a loaf of Bimbo bread instead of candy and it has been the mainstay of their diet today.  We haven’t included the girls in "happy happy Wednesday" until their bodies are bigger, but today they got gum.  So, I guess, for all, it was "happy happy Wednesday".

Jamie has decided to try to buy a mountain bike down here (we’ve seen some in Loreto and heard that Los Barilles should have quite a few) instead of one of us traveling to San Diego.  Although I’ve said that he was going, it was really going to be me and Ellen, and truth be told, my gut was telling me not to go to TJ.  My gut was fine with Mexicali, but not TJ.  I feel like a weight has been lifted now that I don’t need to take Ellen to TJ, so I’m sure it is a good decision.  I tend to listen to my intuition more than logical thinking.  So, I guess for me too, it is "happy happy Wednesday".  :)  Course, this means getting "Sally" from the Trek Superstore to Las Vegas, and Jamie’s bike (WHAT?  You thought he was giving up the need for his SPECIAL BAJA BIKE that is the ONLY bike which will work in Baja?  No, you silly goat.  :)) to Las Vegas where we hope Papa and Tata will pick them up and bring them to us in the Yucatan.  I’ve got an itch to move again and eliminating the need to coordinate getting the bike from San Diego to Mulege means that while we’ll need to leave paradise (and with the caravan camped here on the beach, it looks less and less like paradise), we’ll be headed towards different adventure.

The moon rises have been outdoing themselves nightly; tomorrow I hope to get a really good picture.  These will have to do for now.  Thanks to Aunty Chris for sending me the article on "thirds" (photography); I’m going to keep it in mind from now on.

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