Some pictures of the town; we walked to the plaza and all around the plaza this morning.  We found a tortilla factory and the boys bought two dozen.  (una docena de harina, por favor?)  It took them about 5 minutes to memorize the phrase and the tortilla ladies were quite taken with all four.  We walked away with 2 dozen and 5 free ones.  :)

I finally got a look at the church and loved it, but Sissy was really scared of the Jesus (on the cross) figure.  Today we head on the "road from hell" down to Santa Rosalia and then to Mulege.  Think of us, will you?  Everyone tells horror stories about this road.  :)

I’m typing from a building constructed in the late 1700’s which is now an Internet cafe.  It faces the plaza and I can watch the kids playing at the same time.  We’re living a dream life.
Oh, I’ve got the dates in late January and early February all screwed up, but I’m not in any hurry to fix them.  At least now, the posts are in order.