It seemed like we were surrounded by fog when the sun came up this morning; the light was filtered and grey instead of the bright orange we normally get at sunrise.  We experimented a bit with the Interstate batteries and the generator; we ran the generator for one hour and got 4 hours of juice from the batteries.  Last night we ran the generator for 3 hours and they lasted at least 6 hours.  After connecting the generator to get the fridge going again (even when running on propane, it needs electricity to do something (thermostat?) and if there is no juice, the fridge shuts down.  We had a lovely breakfast watching the whales and shore birds and slowly putzing about getting things ready to leave. 

Yesterday, I’d asked one of the fishermen if they knew what the weather was and they said no, but high tide would be Monday.  Looking north, to our neighbor campground (no-one was camped around at all) we saw that it had flooded.  It was strange, because when I’d gotten up I noticed that all the driveways had dried from yesterday’s flooding.  The kids were playing and I was cleaning when I suddenly noticed that the tide was still rising and was causing the driveways and surrounding land to flood.  I began to hurry a bit and the kids noticed the advancing waters and ran out to play.  I informed Jamie of the rising water but he didn’t seem terribly concerned.  Luckily, he began to hurry up but we weren’t ready to go until we had about 5 inches of water to drive through.  By the time we left, the entire camp was flooded with high tide (which, actually, won’t arrive til Monday).  I’m not sure I’d want to be here Monday.  :)   We drove to San Isidro and the kids partook of too many dates.  Everyone is lying about with funny tummies.  I’m going to head to the center and see if we have Internet access and see what the experts at RV Forums  have to say.

Picture is of the boys in San Ignacio (where I’m posting from) picking dates.  Yes, DATES!!!
San Ignacio IS a very different city.  All the other Baja cities we’ve been to have been strips along the Transpenninsular, catering to truck and tourist traffic.  San Ignacio was founded WELL before the advent of the Transpenninsular (1728) and retains a colonial charm.  The Internet Cafe is in a small adobe room off the plaza.  (that there is an Internet Cafe at all, is such a clash between two worlds it is difficult to comprehend). 

The iglesia was constructed in 1786 and was in use this evening, when I attempted to take a look.  After hooking up and doing a load of laundry (the bathtub makes a very good washtub) while Ellen covered herself in mud (and as such, required a cold rinse off, which she absolutely LOVED (NOT)), we headed into the center of town.  Elections were in full swing (we’ve been seeing advertisements for this election since Guerrero Negro) in the absolute middle of the concrete plaza.  Kids ran about playing, there were two distinct groups; a younger group marching about and an older group running around hitting each other with empty plastic bottles.  Jamie was in awe of this little tiny town; the inhabitants relaxing in the plaza; families milling about and the absolute beauty of the tree lined plaza and church.

I got some good information from the experts at RV dot NET  and we’ll be looking for a battery charger in Santa Rosalia and/or Loreto, if not La Paz.  If that doesn’t work, we’ll ask Mom and Dad to bring us a  Charge Wizard for our convertor/inverter that we’ll have delivered to Aunty Chris (who is also running a mail forwarding service and package holding service).  :)   Lastly, if THAT doesn’t work (the charge wizard; not Aunty Chris’s services) we’ll get golf cart batteries.  Or we’ll never boondock again (not likely).