I don’t know why anyone stays in Guerrero Negro if they know that there is a campground at the Lagoon.  The town is dusty and dirty and, quite simply, ugly.  The campground is approached via a 20km salt and dirt road, which, before the rains, must have been a quick drive.  Today we did 5-10mph for the first 10k and 20mph for the next 5k and then 5mph for the last 5k.  The road gave us the opportunity to take our time and enjoy the scenery.  THE LARGEST SALT FLAT/MINE in the WORLD!  The lagoon is so incredibly quiet; it is late afternoon and we’ve just finished up a surprise rainstorm.  The boys are out on bikes, I have cookies in the oven and bread waiting for the cookies and the girls are eating pasta.  Sun is just starting to come out of the clouds and I’m off to take some photos.  I’m expecting an incredible sunset.  I will not be disappointed.

We spent the evening in such a decadent fashion, I’m ashamed to put it to words.  Jamie and I sat on the beach watching grey whales spout and surface.  They weren’t up close, but you could see the dark shapes coming out of the water and water/air mushrooming up above them.  The kids played at our feet; the boys making homes for Piglet and Pooh and the girls playing with horses.  After sunset, we
adjoined to the trailer where we feasted on freshly made cookies.

Tomorrow we will try to get on a tour, I had headed to the ticket office earlier, but in typical Mexican fashion, after waiting for 10-15 minutes with Ellen, I asked someone what was happening with the ticket office and was told that the girl who sells tickets was at lunch.  No idea when she’d return.  :)   We waited another 10 minutes or so and then headed back to the trailer.  Camping fee tonight is the lowest so far.  Thirty pesos.