Tuesday, February 15, 2005

sunrise, sunset

One of the best purchases we’ve ever made was the Soundtrack to the Lion King.  Now that I think about it, we didn’t purchase it; my sister gifted it to the boys.  THANK YOU, Aunty Chris.  We have listened to it countless times (to the point that Pike and Jess know the chatter between the songs by heart and even Sissy knows the African words to some songs) and each and every time the soundtrack starts I get a chill.  Before we left on our trip, I took the boys (and Drew, at the last minute) to see the production in San Francisco.  Since Drew was a last minute addition, I sat apart from the three boys and bawled my eyes during almost the entire production.  I was so affected; thinking about the boys’ last great gasp together, the boys immense joy at finally seeing the production (of which they’d already memorized the score), and imagining seeing the production through their eyes.  I noticed, however, that I was not the only sniffling adult in the audience.  I was quite skeptical at first - I mean, it is a CHILD’S story, backed by Disney, and I had very low expectations.  It was breathtaking.  The costumes, the music, the dancing; it was moving and a feast for the eyes.

Other than Mexican radio, we have had no music for a long time and this morning, Sissy convinced Jamie to spend some generator juice on music (we need 110 to run the CD player).  I had forgotten how much I missed music.  The boys sing along and the girls make up dances and move to the music along the length of the trailer.  Jamie and I sit and watch them and marvel in their perfectness.
I watched the sunrise this morning; Papa and Tata are in the frozen north babysitting for a week or more and probably won’t see sun for about two weeks.  In their stead, I rose (placated Ellen by saying I had to take a pee - she lets me do that :)) and watched the sun turn the sky from grey to orange to red to orange to yellow and then sky blue.  All these pictures are from our doorway.  I can fool the little into thinking I’m taking a pee as long as I’m quiet.  Any noise that suggests anything else and the jig is up.  I really didn’t need to go any further though.  This is the same view as the one from my bedroom window and Jamie’s bed through the kitchen window.

(later in the afternoon)

This then, is the life of a true hedonist.  To think we were hedonistic before was sure pretense.  there is something about a strong sun that is so sensual; as it becomes stronger and hotter, your body feels the intensity stronger, everything seems heightened.

I began the day with the magnificent sunrise described above, followed it with snorkeling in calm waters, followed with that which we will not describe, followed by typing on a white sand beach; almost naked and wanting for nothing.  The children are alternately eating (bean and cheese burritos for everyone except Ellen who has yet to submit to the bean craze and insist solely on peanut butter, yogurt or eggs for protein) and playing whilst one of the books of "Harry Potter" plays on the tape recorder.  Smart kids; they head indoors during the heat (and intense sun) of the day.  Jamie is off riding his bike, enjoying the rolling hills and magnificent scenery.

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