Saturday, February 12, 2005

Rainbow over Requeson

The boys and Sissy are in the bunk bedroom playing "bar"; Ellen is playing with Polly Pockets, I’m lying in the bedroom and Jamie is puttering around.  To the east of the trailer, we watched the sunrise and to the west we watched a rainbow form and fade.  The adults are milling about the campground, dazed by the white light in the sky.  Jamie is now singing "opera" (ala Mr. Rogers) "the kitty is getting ready for the wedding, the wedding the wedding" (he’s singing in accompaniment to Ellen’s narrative).  I got hit hard yesterday with something, slept about 50 hours and woke much better this morning, but still weak.

It was absolutely magical to see the sun this morning; it has only been 3 or 4 days of high clouds and one day of pouring rain, but it seems like forever.  I’m trying very hard to stop myself from kicking the kids outside, to play in the sun simply because there IS sun.

We have solved our battery problem!  We arrived with fully charged batteries (makes one hell of a difference :)) and have been terribly niggardly with the juice.  We use flashlights at night and pull the fuse for the LP gas detector/AC/Furnace (all on the same fuse) during the day.  We run the generator in the am for a couple hours and we seem to have stayed topped off. We could probably run a light or two at night and we might start trying that tonight.  It is so nice to not have to worry about the fridge not having juice to run (even though it is on propane it uses a teensy bit of juice).

The boys went snorkeling with our neighbors but found it too cold; they want to try again tomorrow (when it should be warmer).  Although it was sunny today, there were enough clouds to make it alternately chilly and warm.  I’m still pretty knocked out with a cold/flu/whatever and have been lazing about in a chair or lying down.  THe kids seem rather resilient; they run about, hacking up a lung or two, doubled over with the effort, then are off again.  I’m feeling too sick to be either witty or chatty.

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