Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Of Latrines and Caravans

Pike’s advice on latrines.  "The first one had a door and a roof, but too many spiders, so i went to the second one and it had no spiders but no roof or door.  I thought the one Mom used was a dump, so I used the second one.  So then I saw Mom go to the third one; it had no roof but a part of a door (blanket hanging down) and a potty seat and it was the best one I ever saw and it had no spider webs.  So that’s the one to go to.

Everyone on the beach tonight hates the caravan.  The same caravan that hit us a week or so ago is back.  The wagonmaster had the audacity to tell us that we "couldn’t park" where we’re camped and we’d "HAVE" to move so they could sardine about 200 more campers in-between us and our neighbors.  That they had a reservation (??) and we couldn’t camp where we were because THEY had already paid.  Many people in camp physically blocked RV’s in the caravan from moving in.  We were all completely disgusted with their behavior.

When they saw that they were going to have a REALLY hard time getting their 5000 RV’s on our little beach (we’re at Playa Requeson, mom and dad) they took over the area by the latrines and the next beach.  One of the caravan members came over, looking for space, and asked me how many more units I had coming in.  I played dumb and said we had 4 kids and weren’t planning any more.  He tried again and asked how many trailers were coming into our spot.  I told him that we could only pull one trailer at a time.  Exasperated, he asked if we had friends we were saving space for.  (we, our neighbors and us, had spread all our stuff around making it impossible for them to sardine us)  I said that no, this was where we were camping.  He asked why we wouldn’t make room for the caravan members.  I told him that if someone had asked respectfully and with more tact, or even ASKED, we’d be more than willing.  His wagonmaster was an asshole and every single other camper in the camp agreed.  As such, we were all making it as hard as possible for them to camp.  The best comment came from a neighbor quite a ways down the beach.  She said, "but HEY!  You need more room because you have LIVESTOCK!!!"  (pointing to the girls dog-sized horses standing on the beach)  We all got a really good laugh out of that.

One of our new neighbors, in the biggest Class C I’ve ever seen, is a family with 2 kids.  The boy is 7 and the girl is 4 and they and our kids have been inseparable all day.  The kids are loving having new kids to play with.

Well, I’m terribly pleased to report that the "Bad Sam Club" wagonmaster came over this morning and apologized for his attitude and words yesterday.  He said he was really "stressed out" getting everyone in the campground.  While I’m very thankful for his heartfelt apology; it was obvious he was embarrassed and contrite, I can’t help but think that he’d be a LOT less stressed if he stopped trying to sardine an enormous caravan into a small beach instead of simply heading to a nearby campground.  Everyone on the beach HATES caravans; driving behind them on the road; passing them on the road; enduring the parking lot they turn beaches into; listening to their generators at all hours; I don’t know why they force themselves on others instead of simply using a campground.  And that’s my rant for the day.  :)

Pictures are of the kids in Loreto and at the beach.  What we now consider, "OUR Beach".  :)
Where the cows are likely to be on the road at night and are recognized ourselves.

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