Sunday, December 26, 2004

baja bound

It looks like the long wait is about to be over.  We have culled as much as possible from the trailer (shhhh…the girls don’t know I halved their toy collection) and will remove the last bench from the van and store it all in a bit.  Right now kids are delaying our storage plans by eating.  Do they never stop eating?  You’d think it would be simple; put food out and they eat, but it generally works like this.  Ask if they’re hungry.  All say no, or maybe one says yes.  You make food for one/yourself and then more are hungry.  Make food for the rest.  Clean up.  Get ready to go.  One of the four will then announce that they are hungry.  Feed.  Now the ones who ate earlier will probably be hungry again.  Repeat cycle.  Once you get in the car and head out you’ll realize that YOU never got YOUR food.  Happens each and every time.  :)

I’ve been night-weaning Ellen over the past month.  It seems to be going well and she sure is sleeping more (which means that I am also).  She doesn’t seem to be making up for it during the day, so I think she is ready.  She really was simply using it to go back to sleep and since it seems to be going without trauma, I’m pretty sure she is ready.  I sure as hell know that *I* am.

Today I’m securing Mexican Auto Insurance and tomorrow will hit AAA before we hit the road.  We’ll stop somewhere tomorrow night; then Death Valley for a few days and then we’ll head down to San Felipe and my folks.  We think we’ll be in Baja on the 31st.  We’ll see.
I’ve been saving up a post about the return of my libido (HEY!  It’s been 10 years!) but am uneasy knowing that Andrew (friend of the boys) and my folks read this.  Suffice to say that Wisconsin was NOT an anomaly.  AND it seems to be catching as reported by my sister…  All you gals at  MotherSpirit know that for which I speak…

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