I forgot about breakfast at the Express Inn (we stayed here on the way East).  It sucks about as bad as it gets (or I haven’t been around much).  White bread, high fructose colored "fruit" jelly, pastries, moldy orange juice and apple juice.  You don’t want to know what I thought of their coffee.  :)  
We used the opportunity of hotel to check on Ebay and the Weather channel.  Man I LOVE that channel!  Now that we’re in weather, and travelling, it is fascinating to see what is coming down the pipe (Canada, right?).  Wisconsin (which we left only a few days ago) got hammered (well, to our Californian experience) with snow and the Great Lakes area will continue to be hammered for the next couple days.  The Pacific Northwest (hello, Heather and Stacy!) is getting hammered with rain.  The south is bracing for another period of unseasonable cold while South Dakota and Nebraska are enjoying unseasonable lack of snow and warmth.  We’re getting the exact weather we need in each state.  Well, up til now.  It is supposed to snow in Wyoming today (Jamie kept yelling at the TV weatherman, "it CAN’T snow!  It is 50 degrees out!!").  We’ve been outrunning the clouds all day and have had beautiful weather.  Honestly, we couldn’t ask for any better.  (well, warmth would be nice) 

Coming from weeks in the Midwest, we had a real appreciation for the mountains in Wyoming (though we simply skirted the Rockies and only hit summits of 9000ft or lower).  The rock formations, GREEN!!! trees, frozen creeks and ponds in the winter morning sun were simply gorgeous. It really does take some time in the Midwest to appreciate it though.  Coming out of the mountains around Laramie we stumbled up two wrecks that shook me.  A travel trailer and TV (didn’t see if it was a truck or van) on their sides; the bottoms of both vehicles facing the road.  Just before that wreck a temporary sign had been posted warning of high winds.  Still shaking from that wreck we immediately came upon a semi truck in the same position.  I felt no wind (one of the reasons I wanted to leave early) but slowed down to 45mph just waiting for a gust of wind to hit.  Late last night Cheyenne had been hit with incredible gusts of wind and we experienced bad wind (tail, cross and head) traveling in Nebraska yesterday, so these wrecks must have been the result of those winds.  Damn scary.  Jamie (some 200 miles later; he was still recovering from some bad coffee) thought it would be funny to take a picture of the trailer and pass it off as us.  He’s a very bad boy. 

Why in HELL does Flying J instruct RV’s to go to areas that they simply can’t pull through?  This is the 2nd GD flying J I’ve had to back out of.  Yeah.  Back a freaking travel trailer out, past the pump (which they ALWAYS put on a curved island), past the driveway, past all the cars going in and out of their pumps.  ARGH!!!

What is it about Wyoming and semi’s?  West of Green Springs, we saw our second flipped semi of the day.  Dayum, I hope it is the last.