All through Nebraska we saw enormous flocks of geese (and duck?) at any and every pond.  It didn’t seem to matter that the ponds were frozen or half frozen; there they stood and sat and ate.  I’ve read about migrations, but it was amazing to see the quantity in person.  We’ve passed many Cabella stores (much to Jamie’s chagrin) so I took the opportunity to indulge him when I saw a half-frozen pond and CAbella’s after getting gas.  Up close and personal, we found one of the byproducts of thousands of geese; millions of turds.  There was not an inch of land around that pond that wasn’t covered with goose turd.

Jamie shopped; the kids had tumbleweed races across the ice; the kids got to go onto the ice (and STAND ON IT!!!) and the geese took off and landed.  It was an unseasonal 65 degrees and everything felt perfect.