We’re all falling into a routine.  We fall out of bed about 10am, I go for a walk, jamie stays home and makes breakfast, I come home from my walk and Jamie goes out for a bit.  After the kids eat they play.  They play all day.  The boys found some of JAMie’s old soldiers and shoot them with rubberbands.  The girls pretend they are Becky or animals.  Right now they’re sitting at MIL’s kitchen table, pretending they are kittens; lapping granola and milk out of seperate bowls.  One of the many mysteries in my life (because honestly, kids present many mysteries) is how, a full 2 weeks after leaving CA, the kids can still be on California time.  THey go all day, have to be coaxed into bed by 11pm - 12am and get up at 10am.  I’ve adjusted my body clock to the midwest, but apparently, no such switch for the kids. 

Pike accompanied me on my walk yesterday and I think I know what it is like to have a puppy.  It was about 3000 degrees below zero (but, in comparison, it must have been only -2000 because it was even colder this am) and he ran here and there, chasing sticks, gathering sticks, throwing rocks at ice, picking up sheets of frozen ice (does it come any other way?), throwing sheets of ice in the road and watching them shatter (the reason they do this, btw, is because it is "just like shattering glass") and panting.  We had some conversation inbetween (condensation, evaporation and absorption) but he managed to tire himself out so much I doubt it will happen again. 

Jamie is doing some retail therapy today; he is so depressed from not being able to ride his bike (too damn cold, ever since we left CA).  Ellen is taking an early nap (well, who knows; especially if she’s on CA time) and the rest are playing hide and seek.  They never seem to tire of hide and seek and it is one of the few games that they include Sissy in.

I’m currently looking for a stovetop espresso maker for Jamie; I’ve got my eye on one on Ebay, but I’d rather just get one and be done with it.  I’ve figured out that I don’t want the basic one because I’ve had those and they leak.  Unfortunately there seems to be a glut of others on the market and I’ve no idea which would suit him.  I’m sure SOMEONE out there has a clue.