Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Early birds

For some reason known only to our crazy bodies, both Jamie and I awoke at 5am.  You’d think that with an early start like that we’d be on the road by 7 with no problem.  You’d be wrong.  7:09 and I’m still waiting for the kids to stop eating…  We head for the Sierras today; to find a place to let the kids play in the snow.

Heading across Nevada; mile after mile of flat highway surrounded by desert and glorious mountains, we found the Rye Dam State Recreational area.  The kids played in mud and ice; we all attempted to throw rocks through the ice and enjoyed the area.  Unfortunately there were no hookups in the campground and we still aren’t comfortable pushing our batteries to provide furnace for us below freezing, so we couldn’t stay.  Everyone decided that they would rather push on to Deb’s house rather than play in the snow, so we pushed on past Crazytown (Reno) and through the Sierras.  The Sierras are so very different from any other mountain range and Jamie and I knew we were home.  We made it over Donner Summit before sundown and are making great time.  We had expected to be doing about 35 or 40 over the grades, but climbing up to 5000 ft in Nebraska and Wyoming made the grade almost inconsequential.

We got to Deb’s (and Jeff’s :) ) at 8pm and Andrew RAN out of the house while I backed the trailer into a good spot.  We’re here til Friday when we go down to Auntie Chrissy’s (and Uncle Chet’s :) ) for two nights.  We are planning to head to Baja on the Sunday (whatever day that turns out to be) to meet my folks in San Felipe for Christmas.  Now that we’re not trying to outrun storms we have no schedule other than to be with Grandpa and Grandma on Christmas.

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