Wednesday, December 15, 2004

jiggity jig

Something is DEFINATELY wrong with our GD (sorry, Andrew; that’s the best I can do to stifle myself) internal clocks.  We went to bed around 11pm thinking it was around 9pm and woke up at SEVEN FREAKING O CLOCK IN THE FREAKING MORNING!!!!  Why are our going-to-bed clocks on Pacific Time and our getting-up clocks on Midwest time???

It was so nice to see Deb and Jeff (and Andrew and Sara).  Andrew rushed out of his house (I assume the MONSTER diesel engine (that’s a 7.3L PSD for the diesel-heads) alerted him to our arrival) and danced around on the sidewalk while the boys chanted, "can we get out mom?  can we get out mom?  PLEASE CAN WE GET OUT MOM???).  I think all four kids were inside the house before the trailer and car were parked.  I’m sure the engine was still idling.  Ellen walked into the house like she owned the place and set right to play.  She LOVES Sara’s kitchen toys and the wax pastries.  Deb made us a scrumptious dinner of whole wheat pasta with tomato and meat sauce and spring mix salad.  Dayum, I missed good California organic spring mix!

Today we’re finishing up errands; getting health insurance crap settled; unloading the massive amount of crap we have in the trailer (even Jamie culled some of his clothing) and getting bikes out of storage.  I’m hoping we’ll be a few hundred pounds lighter (especially when we get rid of the Class 3 hitch receiver (HEY!  anyone need a Class 3 hitch?  We might even be able to deliver it!!!  I’m not kidding - it is listed on Hitchtrader)) when we hit the road again.

It was downright scary driving through the congestion (in comparison to the 5 million miles we logged this past month) of Sacramento and the Bay Area.  I’m so glad to have dropped the trailer and be able to make a U-turn.  Those towing mirrors (Velvac I got from Ebay) are still a little scary though.  I squeaked up Poinsett when I went back to check out our old house (and the garden is simply FULL of weeds…).

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