Monday, December 6, 2004

i'm dreaming of a white christmas...

course the "white" in our Christmas will be ocean foam…

Once, when Sissy (now 5) was 3 months old, Jamie and I decided (on a whim) to take a month and go camping.  It was December, the boys were 5 and 3 and we rented a Class C and headed, via little side roads and a small stretch of interstate in Nevada, to Texas.  We started with a hop over to Markleeville (Apline County CA) where we soaked at the hot springs (well, Sissy, being 3mo didn’t soak much) and proceeded to the campground.  There was a GOOD amont of snow on the ground; you couldn’t see the road in the campground but there was an indentation, so you knew where it probably was located.

Surprisingly :) , we were the only campers in the park.  After dark, however (which really wasn’t that late, as the sun set around 5pm) a truck and trailer (of some type) pulled in and parked 2 sites away from ours.  We thought nothing of it and eventually headed to bed.  About 2am, the LP alarm sounded.  We figured it was a fluke, thanked the gods and godesses that the kids didn’t wake up and went back to sleep.  About 10 seconds (so it seemed) later, it went off again.  We were thoroughly freaked and sleep deprived but our veins were full of adrenaline, so we decided to break camp.  It was about 4 degrees (Farenheit).  I started out of the campsite (kids still sleeping) and found that the truck was blocking the road.  Somehow, I managed to get us out of the campground without getting stuck OR hitting the damn enormous, gigantic truck. 

We drove to Death Valley that day and spent some glorous time in the valley.  We drove the byways and little roads and only once more did I drive in snow, but little by little we made it to Texas.  We spent Christmas on the sand (literally; I don’t remember the beach, but we and an Airstream were the only ones boondocked (though I didn’t know the term then) there.   We decorated a ladder as a Christmas tree and had a wonderful time.

I’m hoping for the same (minus the LP detector alarm malfunction) this Christmas and it looks like we’ll be with my folks, who are currently camping in their Lazy Daze in San Felipe (Baja Mexico). We’ve stayed quite a bit longer in Wisconsin than planned; we wanted to have a mini-Christmas celebration with Ellen and try to convince Maca to come to Mexico with us, but although the celebration was wonderful, Maca won’t budge.  We’ll clean Grandma Elinor’s house (where we’re staying right now) and pack up tomorrow and head out Wednesday.

Some more pictures from Ellie’s Christmas in early December for the Californians who think it is Christmas just because it snowed.  :)

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