Thursday, December 23, 2004

our children are officially born

Well, what HAVEN’T we done in the past few days?  We replaced 4 birth certificates (we’re still waiting for Jamie’s and mine; apparently they are loving the snow so much in the FedEx terminal in Indianapolis that they’re taking a nice little vacation there), Christmas presents for the kids and Catie and Becky (shhhhhh… don’t tell them), two trips to the Post Office, talked to our Westy therapist about the Westy’s issues with starting up, dropped off stuff in the storage unit, spent an entire afternoon (went in at lunch and came out at dark) ripping apart boxes in the storage unit looking for the *#@% birth certificates, picked up Jamie’s Baja bike (YEA!!! it got through customs), well, hell - what HAVE we been doing?  Sitting on our asses, apparently.  Doesn’t look like much, but we’re gone all day doing "stuff".  Jamie and I were moaning that we had anticipated driving from from 6am til 1pm and stopping for the day. Then he would go for a bike ride and I would go for a walk.  I keep hoping that in Baja it will come true, but for now, we’re doing errands all freaking day long; tying up loose ends and replacing things that we never should be replacing.  I just hope that the file with the documents (cause there was much MORE than simply birth certificates in it) is not in the hands of someone unscrupulous.  I’m thinking it is either in the storage unit or at Grandma Elinor’s house.  Tough call.

It is incredibly nice to see the weather we just barely managed to avoid playing out in the midwest ON THE TV.  I’m SO glad we got out before we got stuck there.  No offense to the midwestonians (is that a word?) but dayum, I’ll take birkenstocks and short sleeved shirts to stuck for 7 hours in the snow on the freeway any day.

My sister reports that before my folks went down to Mexico they too managed to loose their "packet" which held their vehicle title, birth certificates, passports; you get the idea.  They had to replace the entire packet and happily found it many months later; stuffed somewhere in their RV.  We’ve torn apart the trailer and van and can’t believe it could be anywhere other than the storage unit or somewhere in the midwest.  So, the rule of thumb seems to be 1) sell your house, 2) buy a RV type vehicle to live in, 3) make plans to travel to Mexico, 4) loose all your documentation, 5) replace all your documentation, 6)  find your original packet of documentation.  Maybe we should have planned to travel to Canada first.

It is amazingly simple to get a birth certificate; you need very simple, easy to obtain (to me, anyway) information; pay your fee and go off your merry way.  Mostly names and DOB.  Scary.
Tomorrow we’re off for some masochism at Berkeley Bowl (really, anyone who willingly makes a trip to the Bowl (it is a grocery store) the day before a holiday, must enjoy pain, frustration and exhaustion), yet another trip to the Post Office, Target (for stocking stuffers and the girls’ presents), Thriftown for shoes for Pike (I found out he needs larger shoes when he started taking Jesse’s shoes because they didn’t smash his foot), but honestly, we probably won’t get to Thriftown.
Hey, did you know that Hearthsong is no longer a brick and mortar store?  We headed to our favorite new toy store (because our favorite is a used toy store; Toy Go Round) only to find it had been converted to a new name.  Hearthsong only does catalog and online business now.  Huh.
Well, I think I’ve dumped about 1/2 the crap floating about my brain, so I’ll stop for now.

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