Thursday, December 2, 2004

once i had a secret love...

I am having an illicit love affair with my MIL’s knife.  I was getting ready to make chili and chicken soup (not in the same pot, mind you) and found a beauty of a knife buried in her knife drawer.  Almost like she was trying to hide it; knowing that the user would want nothing more than to carry it home to love and enjoy.  It is heavier than any knife I’ve used and sharp - wonderfully sharp.  There is simply nothing more satisfying than slicing through half an onion as easy as warm butter.

I’ve had Doris Day on the brain today; course the title of this entry might have something to do with that.  Chrissy, my California sister, and I have always loved her movies.

We spent the afternoon at the farm and froze each and every appendage.  The girls rode Cisco; the boys played in the haybarn and broke sheets of ice and everyone played with the dogs.  Just before it started to snow (first snow this year for this area) they all piled into the tractor and threw hay out in the pastures.  Right now, Ellen and Sissy are handfeeding the dogs.  They didn’t like the fact that the dogfood was sitting in a bowl uneaten and decided to take handfulls over to each dog (Pepper, Andy, Spanky Roo, Velcro, Monkey Jumbo).  We’re popping corn from Ardenwood farm (Fremont CA) in paper bags; enlightening the Wisconsin folk on how to pop corn without using the premade bags from the store.

Cute picture of the day is Daddy and 3 of the 4 getting ready to "throw" hay.  Or maybe it is Sissy falling in love.  Or maybe it is Ellen squared riding Cisco…

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