Saturday, December 25, 2004

Red and Green and Chocolate all over

I power shopped last night.  I went to a Hobby store for my BIL’s present (from my sister); Target, Trader Joes, Longs, Safeway and a candy store from 4pm to 6pm.  The last three were in search of chocolate coins to put in the kids shoes.  When Mariluz and Jon (Jamie’s brother and SIL) stayed for Christmas one year they started a tradition of chocolate coins hidden in shoes.  Everyone plays; adult shoes, baby shoes, sandals, etc.  I always buy them at Trader Joes, but wouldn’t you know it; TJ’s, Safeway, Longs, Berkeley Bowl were all out.  Luckilly, I stumbled upon a candy store and they had poker chips (perfect after our trip to Crazytown) and coins.  Catie was introduced to this tradition this morning and I think it might be a keeper.  :)

I found out that Pike and Jesse know who Santa is.  I have never perpetuated the myth; all their Santa knowledge has come friends and commercialization.  They have been talking up Santa big time the past week to the girls and I went to great pains to have Jamie sign all the gifts and bought special wrapping paper for the "Santa" gifts.  We put all the gifts under Chrissy’s tree last night save one each from Santa which we placed close to each sleeping child last night.  After they opened their gifts (NEW shoes - not used ones from Thriftown!!!) Pike gave me a hug and thanked me.  I was surprised and said that Santa had brought the gifts.  He then informed me, "Mom, I know you bought them; I’m too old to think it was Santa".  I was so touched that he and his brother (I had to verify with him that Jesse too knows) kept the magic alive for their sisters even though I’ve never talked to them about Santa or tried to make them think he exists.  Touched and conflicted.  I don’t like perpetuating the myth (though some would argue he is not a myth) and abhor the commercialization of Solstice (which, IMO is the true celebration - that Christmas is a bastardization of Solstice), but it is cute to see the magic.

Joe and John have arrived for dinner, Ellen is sleeping, and gluttony awaits!

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