Friday, December 17, 2004

computer problems

Somehow, between Ellen running around the hotel at 7am with sticky jelly fingers; the boys clammering for just "one more" swim in the pool and Sissy desperate not to be seperated from Jamie, even for a second; even for a trip to the BATHROOM, I managed to leave my laptop battery charger/AC adapter at Comfort Inn in Elko.  My laptop has a really neat feature; it lets you know when battery power is low, but when it is critical, it simply hibernates (and you can’t wake it up) and once you get AC to it, you get about a thousand messages that battery power is "critical".  Gee…thanks.

So…I’ve been typing on a MAC and now on my sister’s PC and golly, I really miss that little laptop.  Ebay was kind enough to send all my paypal winners to a non-existant paypal address, so I’ve been trying to walk all them through cancelling their payment and sending it to the correct Paypal account.  It’s been REALLY fun with the guy from Italy.  When we went back to Wisconsin, Jamie picked through all his old toys, we checked prices on Ebay and auctioned a few.  Who woudda known that broken, dirty, Billy Blastoff toys were worth $200+? 

We had a great time with Andrew, Sara, Deb and Jeff and headed down to my sister’s house in Fremont at the height of rush hour.  We arrived after dark so I wasn’t up to backing the trailer into her yard and after a good 1/2 bottle of wine, I was calm enough to talk.  I really feel for the semi drivers.  Cars just won’t give a large vehicle the time of day.  I really hate driving in traffic and vow to drink the wine BEFORE I drive next time.  I think I’ll be MUCH calmer!  :)

I have a sh*tload of photos on the laptop waiting for the Internet, but until the postman arrives tomorrow, you’ll just have to wait, Grandma and Grandpa (who, are probably the only ones reading).

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