I’ve never had a pleasant experience with a KOA campsite.  Strangely enough, neither has jamie.  I think you can figure out where this is headed…

We pulled into Cheyenne after a LONG day of driving (350 miles and a couple long stops) and had a choice of two campsites.  KOA or one way off the beaten track that looked like it might be a trailer park and not a campground.  KOA boasted of a central modem and since we needed to check some Ebay auctions, I pulled in.  It looked pretty small for a KOA but there were about 5 other rigs there so I decided to go ahead.  The roads were incredibly narrow (especially since they catered to RV’s) and I did my best winding around them.  We had almost decided to stay and were pulled into a site when the proprieteress drove up in her golf cart (we won’t speculate why she NEEDED a golf cart when the entire site was under an acre) and accused me of knocking down the site sign.  I simply couldn’t take her seriously and laughing replied, "I didn’t see a site sign; where was it?".  She replied that they get knocked down "all year long" by people using the campsite and I couldn’t help pointing out the obvious, "sounds to me like you need to move them somewhere else".  She was absolutely PISSED (I mean, really; what did she expect us to do?  fork over $1000 for her new plastic sign) and zipped over to hubby while we meandered to the exit (managing somehow not to know over any other signs).  He blocked our path with his golf cart (really, these people NEED to get out and WALK) and breathed his stanky cigarrette breath all over me.  He agreed that people knock down their signs all year long and added, "and we make them pay for it."   Sounds like a great little scam to me.  I polietly instead suggested he relocate his sign and that the kids and I (since Jamie was sick) would head over and put his sign back in the ground.  He declined and told us to get out of his campground. 

So be forewarned; if you try to camp at the Cheyenne KOA, when not taking payment for site rental, you can donate to their "replace a sign" fund.

The evening ended happily for all; we had pizza at the Express Inn ($44/night), the kids swam in the pool and we got online.  Life is good.